Wine at LavkaLavka Restaurant

If you are looking for a bright and clean place to enjoy your wine, then LavkaLavka Restaurant is the place for you! The restaurant is housed in an industrial-style space, which is especially large. The dishes are made with ingredients […]

Drink at Saperavi Cafe

The Saperavi Cafe shops have their origins in Georgia and own two stores in Moscow. Their basic element is that they put great emphasis on the customer, as well as in the details of drinks/dishes. The spaces are ideal for […]

Khleb i Vino

The Khleb i Vino shops are a pleasant option in Moscow’s nightlife. All five of them have the same décor, which is based on stone, wood, comfy chairs and low lighting. As you can see, it is the ideal place […]

Observation Deck (Ukraina Hotel)

The Observation Deck is on the 33rd floor of the Radisson Collection, the historic “Ukraina” Hotel! At a height of 120 meters, you can have your coffee or drink while enjoying Moscow’s historic center with the Moskva river embracing the […]

I Love Cake

I Love Cake, do you? If the answer is yes, we have for you the best place in Moscow! Cake heaven awaits for you to try one (or some) of their sweet combinations. The space is pretty/Instagram-perfect, while the polite […]

The best food in Moscow

Food in Moscow is neither an easy nor a cheap subject, this is why you will struggle to find a restaurant matching your tastes. The Russian cuisine is heavily influenced by the Georgian and Ukrainian, with the flavors of dishes […]

Breakfast Cafe

The Breakfast Café will quickly become your favorite morning ritual! The noteworthy café is housed in a beautifully decorated space and serves pancakes, wonderful cakes, biscuits and filling bruschetta. The staff is polite and will attend to you quickly. Also, […]

Grabli Food Bar

The breakfast heaven of Moscow is none other than Grabli Food Bar. The shop is located in the city center and apart from an amazing space, it also has tens of sweet and savory options for breakfast. Pancakes, biscuits, pastries […]

Pelmeni da Borshi

Pelmeni da Borshi, or Moscow’s hidden gem. The shop is housed in the basement of Arbat 10 Street, in a beautifully decorated space, which gives off a sense of an era past. At Pelmeni da Borshi you will find traditional […]

Food at the Danilovsky Market

The covered Danilovsky Market hosts plenty of options for food, including flavors from the Italian, Russian, Indian, Moroccan, Israeli and Vietnamese cuisine. The shop that stands out is the Vietnamese, which serves amazing soups, rich in quantity and taste, while […]

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