Bike rental Amsterdam: three words, one experience

It is truly astonishing to find out that in the city there are more bikes than there are people! This city’s love for bikes is truly remarkable! A large percentage of the residents have taken motorized means out of their […]

The most disgusting street foods in the world!

We have stated in previous articles that one of the most exciting experiences during a journey is trying out local flavors! Hmm…this article comes to partly overrule our statements, as we are going to present to you the most disgusting […]

The 11 most special hotels in the world

How would you like the first thing you see in the morning to be a shark, the absolute void, or the Northern Lights? The fact that there are alternative hotels that offer much more than a rich breakfast and a […]

Bologna: The red city in 48 hours!

A few words about Bologna 🗣️The title is not random at all, as Bologna is a city living in red! Red buildings (terracotta brick), red paths, red alleys, and blood pleasure also hits red with so much food from its […]

No-knead tsourekia (by Elpida Charalampidou)

Easter is approaching fast and we invited our favorite Food Blogger, Elpida, back into the kitchen to make the famous no-knead Tsourekia! The tsoureki (traditional Greek Easter bread), although mainly eaten on Easter, is a delicacy that has no season, […]

Florence through the eyes of the locals

Every city hides its own, unknown gems and only someone who lives there can know about them! Parks, hidden pathways, attractions, restaurants, café-bars, churches and other places that are not included in the tourists’ priorities, make the list of the […]

New changes on Facebook: What you should know

Dear friends of Travelen, for those of you that don’t know it yet, facebook is once again planning to change! Specifically, our friend Mark (i.e. Zuckerberg) announced that the algorithm of our favorite social network is about to change. This […]

The best hiking boots

The reasons why people like hiking vary. For some, the goal is the view from the top, while for others simply the trip. For some, it is the ground’s anomalies, the different psychological and physical challenges, while for others it […]

Check in: Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

The decision – Our criteria And once again the time came that we said “I really need a break”…This time, we searched for a 3-day winter excursion that would combine luxury, relaxation and an adrenaline rush. Are you close to […]

Bansko: Tips for Visiting

A few words about Bansko 🗣️ Bansko Tips for Visiting! Bansko is synonymous with skiing… The town makes for an excellent winter excursion, where you can enjoy your favorite sport, as it has one of the best and most organized […]

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