Tipping: What is the case in each country

Tipping: What is the case in each country? Everywhere we go abroad we are faced with a huge dilemma… Should I leave a tip? If yes, which is the right amount? In your country, tipping might be perceived as a […]

Meteora Complete Guide: One breath away from the sky

A few words about Meteora 🗣️ No description and none of the –thousands of- photographs that you have seen of Meteora can describe this place. “It is a miracle of nature”, “It cannot be real”, “See what the touch of […]

Check in: Ananti City Resort

Ananti City Resort The Decision Preparations for our trip to Meteora were in the final mile and the only thing left was to choose the right hotel. With the criteria being quality stay and a wonderful environment, Ananti City Resort […]

Which is the best Greek island? (Poll)

Lies and excuses are done, Summer is –officially- here and you must organize your summer vacations! Where else? Summer means Greece…Not to brag, but we have the most beautiful islands in the world! Islands with steep cliffs that dive into […]

Cinque Terre, a 5 stars colour trip!

A few words about Cinque Terre 🗣️: A one-day excursion to Cinque Terre is enough to convince you that it is one of the best places in Italy (the best according to many)! The Five Lands or the five colorful […]

Athens through the eyes of the locals

Do you want to meet Athens through the eyes of the locals? Every city hides its own, unknown gems and only someone who lives there can know about them! Parks, hidden pathways, attractions, restaurants, café-bars, churches and other places that […]

Check in: New Hotel Athens

The decision The New Hotel Athens is one of the best and most high-quality options for accommodation in Athens. It is located in the heart of the capital, just 5 minutes away from Syntagma Square and the homonymous metro station. Its […]

4+1 Hot Summer Destinations

We are on the threshold of summer and our summer vacation suggestions won’t slip by anyone! You have already started looking for your summer destination, you are stressed, you are on a dilemma, You are uncertain of which destination to […]

Style for the top three most traveled European cities

Our favorite Fashion Blogger Pure Peggy is here once again and, this time, comes with a European air as she presents you the Style for the top three most traveled European cities. Simply follow Marketa’s advice and move around in style in […]

Athens Walking Tours: The Experience

The choice Athens is among the five cities with the richest history in the world. As you can imagine, we could not ignore this fact during our last trip to the capital. Everything was booked and we were ready to […]

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