Brussels travel guide: Tips for Visiting

Brussels, the capital of the European Parliament, the city of waffle, beer, chocolate and Mistake. Yes, you read that right. Most people that visit Brussels make one important Mistake. What is this? The fact that they do not devote the […]

The ferry industry evolution through an application-NISEA app

The short sea shipping evolution through an application-NISEA app Summer is still here and we, like classic travelers, have made the ferry our main means of transportation for our summer excursions to the islands! We had never imagined things and […]

Elafonissos: Paradise is colored turquoise (48 hours guide)

Elafonissos, a turquoise-colored paradise! This unknown island of the Mediterranean, part of Natura 2000, calls you to get lost in its magical waters, explore the rich flora, as well as its full of history seabeds. It belongs in the Peloponnese […]

Scientific Secrets of Athens

Scientific Secrets of Athens, by Vassilios Spathopoulos.. Athens is known all over the world for its history and culture. It was also one of the most famous cities in ancient Greece, where it is said that science was born in […]

Travel Guide Mani: Bathed in light, Dressed in stone

Mani, this blessed land hides inside it the beauty of the whole Greece. It is divided in Eastern and Western or the Laconian and Messinian Mani. The most famous of the two (Laconian Mani) has a wild character, accompanied by […]

Gozo Guide Discover it in 24 hours

Gozo is the most northern of the seven islands of the complex of Malta and hosts around 40,000 residents. Despite its small size –just 14km long- it has a lot of attractions and activities that will “claim” at least one […]

Chefchaouen…50 shades of blue in one city!

Chefchaouen, a.k.a. Morocco’s blue pearl, is a city…very different from anything you have come across up until now! It is located on the north side of the country, 2.5 hours away from Fez and pretty close to Spain. Built on […]

Safari Morocco: The Complete Guide

Safari Morocco The Safari is an experience that you have to try when visiting Morocco. Now that you have gotten past your first thoughts, let’s move to the next dilemmas. Merzouga or Zagora desert? Two, three or more days? Transportation […]

The best graffiti in the world

The best graffiti in the world will impress you both with their colors and their themes. Sprayed on walls of half-collapsed buildings, on garbage cans and stores’ front metal hatches, as well as on walls of entire apartment buildings, graffiti […]

Pisa, Tips for Visiting

Pisa, Tips for Visiting.. A few words about Pisa 🗣️ Pisa is yet another piece of Italy’s most beautiful puzzle that is known as Tuscany. The small town is built around the Arno River and has become famous due to […]

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