Alternative winter activities

Winter excursions are gaining more and more supporters, who seek for adventure combined with some good times. But there are a lot of people who want something more than just a trip for skiing/snowboarding, ice-skating and romantic walks in the snow. From dog sledding to snow golfing, Travelen presents you 12 alternative winter activities to add a little adventure in the winter. .

We start with the lowest difficulty level


12) Snowcat Tour

A ride in the snow on a Snowcat is always a pleasant and restful experience. The beast delivers even on the most difficult and frozen surfaces. Relax and let it offer you an enjoyable ride on the pristine slopes of snowy mountains.

?Tip: Get a window seat to enjoy the view.

? Difficulty level: 0
⚠️ Danger level: 0
?️ Temperature: 20ºC


11) Ice Hotel Sleepover

An accommodation site should be at the top of the respective list. But not when it is an overnight stay on ice! It may be a safe and thrilling experience, but it is also a frozen one, with temperatures inside remaining as low as -4 to -9°C! Sleep tight.. ?

?Tip: Before you go to sleep, rub your hands and feet with heating cream.

? Difficulty level: 2
⚠️ Danger level: 0
?️ Temperature: -4 to -9°C


10) Dog Sledding

Next, a special ride finds its place here as an honorable listing, a sledding ride. The trained huskies that drive the sled are guided by an experienced person, who directs the route and speed of the ride. But do not omit the danger of falling, as animals are always unpredictable!

?Tip: You should follow the path of the sled in order to help its movement.

? Difficulty level: 2
⚠️ Danger level: 2
?️ Temperature: -8 to -30°C


9) Snowshoeing

No matter which the winter destination is, bring the snowshoes with you. There is nothing more satisfying than a walk around untrodden snow. Do not forget the necessary ski poles.

?Tip: A walk must start with a group of 3 persons.

? Difficulty level: 3
⚠️ Danger level: 4
?️ Temperature: -5 to -25°C


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8) Snow airboard

The inflatable body board promises fun and an adrenaline rush. It can turn and stop, according to the position of the body, while it can also be used on untrodden slope snow, making the experience one-of-a-kind. Notice: It can develop a speed of up to 150km/hour (!!), so it can skyrocket the adrenaline as well as the danger levels to the top!

?Tip: Avoid steep trails with lots of obstacles (trees).

? Difficulty level: 2
⚠️ Danger level: 7
?️ Temperature: as low as -10°C


7) Snowmobile

The motor-driven vehicles offer endless hours of riding and relaxation. With one of these, you can explore pristine places and get to know snowy lonesome corners. Notice: Do not overdo it because you may get stuck, as Snowmobiles do not respond to hard surfaces (they are not Snowcats)..

?Tip: Follow trodden trails.

? Difficulty level: 4
⚠️ Danger level: 5
?️ Temperature: as low as -20°C


6) Ice karting

It may seem like an easy and pleasant activity, but managing a vehicle on ice requires a certain level of dexterity and delicate handling. Danger of falling or impact is high, so you have to be extremely careful.

?Tip: Do not hit the brakes; just stop pressing the gas pedal!

? Difficulty level: 5
⚠️ Danger level: 7
?️ Temperature: as low as -10°C


5) Biking in the snow (Fat biking)

Biking in the snow might not be common, but it is an extremely interesting activity, which requires good physical condition and reflexes.

?Tip: Do not try any sharp moves with the wheel (there is a high danger of falling).

? Difficulty level: 7

⚠️ Danger level: 5
?️ Temperature: as low as -15°C


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4) Snow Golf

Golf is in itself a sport with special requirements, let alone when it is played on snow. Despite its difficulty, it is constantly gaining supporters, as it is a sport different than the usual ones.

?Tip: You need to buy special shoes, so as to avoid falling and to improve shot accuracy.

? Difficulty level: 8
⚠️ Danger level: 4
?️ Temperature: as low as -20°C


3) Winter kayaking

Winter kayaking offers unique images of snowy landscapes and chunks of ice floating in the lake. The activity might be taking place in non-impetuous waters, but the danger of falling overboard is still there.

?Tip: In case of falling into the freezing water, get out immediately, as there is danger of hypothermia.

? Difficulty level: 8
⚠️ Danger level: 7
?️ Temperature: as low as -10°C


2) Winter Lake SUP

One step further from winter kayaking we find the winter paddle board. This activity requires balance and a high level of arm strength, but it also offers magical images!

?Tip: The most majestic route is in Antarctica.

? Difficulty level: 9
⚠️ Danger level: 7
?️ Temperature: as low as -15°C


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1) Ice-Climbing

It is the most difficult and at the same time the most dangerous snow activity. It requires a very good physical condition and fitness, while it should be avoided without the guidance of an instructor (if you are not experienced enough).

?Tip: Make sure you are always securely tied.

? Difficulty level: 10
⚠️ Danger level: 8
?️Temperature: as low as -30°C

Notice: Many of the activities are very dangerous, so if you do not have the necessary experience, ask for professional help.

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