5+1 Packing tips for Paris

Weeks before leaving for Paris, we looked up the entire internet, read every fashion magazine in existence, discovered countless fashion bloggers and saw all the fashion shows from the top. We looked at that wardrobe for hours on end, in order to decide what to take with us. OK, we always do this, but going to the fashion capital and especially as tourists, is not an easy job. So, we decided to combine a few trends with some of the Parisian style’s rules and some of our favorite clothes..

Et voila!


Rule Νο1: Keep it simple

What impresses us with Parisians is the simplicity and comfort they show, while always staying stylish. In their wardrobe you will find classic, comfortable pieces, suitable for any hour and occasion.

? Dos: Invest in a good pair of jeans, a jacket, a T-shirt or a shirt!
Extra tip: Do not leave out stripes and plaid.


Rule Νο2: Be comfortable
The best you can do is feel comfortable in what you wear. Under no circumstances will you see Parisians wear too tight and uncomfortable clothes. Keep your style and feel confidence.

? Dos: Do not hesitate to wear flats. Flat boots and ballerina pumps are worn a lot in every season.
Don’ts: Shorts and sportswear do not go with the effortless look, unless you are exercising.


Rule Νο3: Key Palette

It is highly unlikely to see Parisians wearing bold colors. In their clothes’ basic palette, you will find black, grey, beige and white. For the bolder ones, pastels are a good choice, especially during autumn and spring.

? Dos: If you would like to add some color to your outfit, prefer accessories, bags, jewelry, scarves and hats.


Rule Νο4: Don’t forget to accessorize

A great outfit is always combined with the perfect accessories. What nobody leaves out, men and women alike, is the scarf in all its versions. Most are crazy about hats and beanies (in the winter).

? Dos: Wear a belt, or straps, wear gloves and hold a small bag.
Don’ts: Do not overdo it with jewelry; aside from the fact that you look more chic, you also avoid aspiring thieves.


Rule Νο5: Chic & Comfy

Who said that street style cannot be combined with comfort? Follow the Mix & Match technique and upgrade your personal style with simple, chic and comfortable piece.

? Dos: Dare to match your plain pair of pants with a shirt or a sweater.
Do’s: For the colder days, try a T-shirt with a leather jacke.


Rule Νο6: Going out means heaving to dress up

In Paris there are two kinds of clothes. The ones worn inside the ones and the ones meant for the outside, and in no case do they go together. If Parisians follow one quote, this would be “You do not know who you might meet in your way!”. This is why, either they go shopping or they go out clubbing, they are always neatly dressed.

? Dos: Dress according to the occasion.
Don’ts: Dressing in style does not necessarily mean that you should look like us Salonicans, when we go out for coffee! ?


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