12+1 types of people we meet on a plane

In the air, among the clouds and total serenity, you meet some of the most annoying people. Your bad luck has them sitting next to, behind or in front of you and they do everything in their power to spoil the peacefulness of the trip. We searched and found the 13 most popular categories of annoying co-passengers and we present them to you…

We are hoping that you do not belong in any of these categories!


The chatterbox:

This is the most usual type of annoying co-passenger that we all have met on a trip! Nothing can stop them! How can they narrate all of their life’s stories in extreme detail like you are best buds?!

The one who visits the bathroom every 5 minutes:

Who hasn’t met the traveler that every 5 minutes utters the words “I’m sorry, can I please get through to go to the bathroom”? What the heck?! Did they drink an ocean or something?

The one who always wants to sit by the window:

There is also this type of traveler, the ones who always take the seat by the window, without caring if this is actually their seat or not. They just want the view no matter what…At least they are sitting in the right row!

The smelly one:

In this category we encounter one of the worst types of co-passengers! Your filthy neighbor is unbearable, especially on long trips. In this category also belong those who take off their shoes to rest their weary feet…and makes everyone around them wish they didn’t have a nose!

The passenger-perfume:

Ma’am, you do not need to spray the whole bottle of perfume on you in order to travel! Yes, you guessed that right, they are those sweet ladies, who have been doused in perfume, resulting in everyone else not being able to breathe. If you are lucky, you will get away with just a headache. If not, stomach disruptions will not let you be until the end of the trip!

The noisy kid:

How many times have you felt a hand coming from the front or back seats? Then, you hear the classic “Do not bother the people who want to rest”! These are the little daredevils that wander around the entire airplane, play, scream and can never stand still! But, what else could they do, since they’re charged with Duracell ultra power batteries?

The one who sleeps on you:

The “I-mistook-your-shoulder-for-a-pillow” type is also one of the most usual on airplanes. They may fall asleep in their seat, but after a while the road takes them to your shoulder! Isn’t that the sweetest?

The one whose face changes 10 colors during take-off/landing:

It is the type of traveler who is totally cool before boarding the airplane, but as the airplane starts to develop some speed and is ready for take-off, says 100 prayers, closes the eyes and changes 10 different colors. The same happens during landing! Worst case scenario, they will show you what they had for lunch (if you know what I mean); best case scenario, they will just hold your hand! Patience..

The one who spreads:

And suddenly, you feel like your already limited space is getting smaller! The reason? The person in front of you has spread and their seat has entered your waters…Hey, man, we are not comfortable and if you steal some more of our space we are going to drown!!

The muncher:

Hey, we’re all crumbs over here…How many packs of food can fit in this bag? Yes, this one is the traveler-fridge, the one who, every 20 minutes, takes a snack out of their bag because they have the munchies…Most of them call it stress!

The baby that won’t stop crying:

The only certainty is that neither the beautiful babies nor their parents are at fault for the intense crying that drills your eardrums. But it is certain that when the “singing” begins, everyone must wear their earplugs!

The one who has no headphones:

You have bought a 1,000€ iphone/ipad and you can’t afford to buy a pair of earphones, so we can all have our peace of mind? This is the high-tech traveler and we all must listen to what they are listening.. 

The bell-man:

These people must be bored out of their minds and they ring the bell constantly, in order to ask or request something from the poor flight attendants. Patience..


What other types have you come across?


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