10+1 Types of Travelers

You certainly know that there are types of travels, but what you may not know is that there are also types of travelers. Yes, yes, you read that right! Do not be surprised, as you belong in one of them as well. Travelers who are not interested in museums, others that go from one attraction to another, the stingy ones, the luxury lovers and many many more! We gathered the most usual of the categories and we present them to you..

There is the Traveler …:

1. Limited budget

We could never understand this type of traveler! You give a ton of money to go to Paris (or anywhere) and you do not have the money to get in the Louvre, go up the Eiffel Tower and dine at a French restaurant? Then why did you go to Paris and not, say, Kalavryta (which, by the way, is picturesque and beautiful)?! You do not have to get in every museum and attraction, but it is worth visiting each place’s main sites.

2. YOLO (You Only Live Once)

This traveler works all year to make just one trip and spend all of their savings! Umm…big mistake, when you don’t have money to waste, and still you blow it here and there, on drinks, clubs, shopping etc., for the sake of just unwinding and being someone you are not. Consider that you also have a life after the trip will be over, and it will be a hard one..

3. Get up, it’s dawn

This is the type of traveler that does not want to waste even a second of their trip and they wake up at the crack of dawn to embark on their attractions visits. The love and thirst to meet new places make them restless and sometimes hyperbolic. Simply out, this is the “I want to see it all” traveler or, otherwise, the Backpacker explorer! But do not forget the saying “all in moderation”.

4. Do not wake me up at 06:00..

This traveler is the type that loves sleep and the hotel’s comfort so much, that they just cannot leave them in the morning. Of course, if they are convinced to get out of the hotel, nothing stops them, as they are transformed into the ultimate travelers, who want to see everything.

5. No rush

This is the classic example of traveler, who is so bored of wandering from one place to another, that they rue the day they went on that trip. This type of traveler loves the comfort of their home and avoids trips because they put them out of their quiescence. Yet, some higher power managed to convince them and they are now obliged to follow the trip schedule…even if this happens in their own, leisurely manner.

6. I go wherever they take me

This is the so-called passive traveler. The one who has no opinion about anything and gets “dragged” wherever the others go. This type of traveler usually follows a group of friends, their wife or family.

7. Plan

9:10 Breakfast, 10:15 Vatican City, 13:00 Ponte Sant’Angelo, 14:00 Pizza Farine! Yes, you got that right, this is the traveler-scheduler. They have calculated everything with mathematical precision and the only thing left is for the plans to be actualized! But, many times, when people make plans, God is having a good laugh! It is not bad to go a little off schedule! After all, the magic of traveling hides in the unexpected!

8. Wherever the road takes us

They start whenever, go wherever, don’t care about anything and, of course, never get stressed! They are the relaxed travelers that, when leaving home, only know the country to which they are going (we are not certain about the city)! They do not have a plan, have no idea about what they should visit, or where to eat and the only thing in their minds is to have a blast!

9. The posh

The type that cannot wait in lines and only gets inside with skip line tickets and, of course, never ever eats fast food from the street stand, but only dines at fancy restaurants! Their main concern is to leave the hotel looking like a model, to not get tired, take the necessary selfies for instagram and end up at some shop to have their brunch. Under no circumstances can they wander around all day in the same clothes, this is why one or even more visits to the hotel are required!!

10. The Difficult one

The difficult traveler does not like anything but has an opinion about everything! They don’t like the places you go, the places you eat, the foods you eat, the weather, the hotel, the transportation etc. They have something to say about everything and if things don’t go their way, then they get annoyed and spoil the fun for the rest of the group. If you have such a type with you…Be patient!

11. Camera-Map

This is the classic traveler, who has the camera hanging from their neck, while the map has become the extension of their hand! They are the so-called paradoxical traveler, as, even though they carry a 2,000€ super high tech camera, they have a map in their hand, instead of a GPS that will guide them directly to the destination of their choice!


Which type of traveler are you?

(If you belong to a different type, tell us what that is!)

  1. Kartika says:

    I’m the YOLO one , 😀

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