Which is the best Autumn destination for 2017?

Autumn is here for good and a new trip is knocking on our door…Not for any other reason, but so as not to stand still! Autumn is full of magical colors, the cold is bearable and the heat has decreased […]

5+1 Packing tips for Paris

Weeks before leaving for Paris, we looked up the entire internet, read every fashion magazine in existence, discovered countless fashion bloggers and saw all the fashion shows from the top. We looked at that wardrobe for hours on end, in […]

Thessaloniki through the eyes of the locals

Every city hides its own, unknown gems and only someone who lives there can know about them! Parks, hidden pathways, attractions, restaurants, café-bars, churches and other places that are not included in the tourists’ priorities, make the list of the […]

5 useful tips to get your style from summer to fall (By PurePeggy)

Summer is winding down and fall is on its way, but the temperatures aren’t always on the same page. In other words, it’s transition season! Whether you are planning a weekend escape to a Greek island to enjoy the peace […]

12+1 types of people we meet on a plane

In the air, among the clouds and total serenity, you meet some of the most annoying people. Your bad luck has them sitting next to, behind or in front of you and they do everything in their power to spoil […]

Diving experience in Chania (Oceanis dive center)

The first thing that came to mind when we booked the trip to Chania was the turquoise seas with the beautiful pink-khaki beaches! But our thoughts did not stay on this wonderful image, they went a little further and more […]

Cretan Cuisine Lessons

The idea Chania, apart from beautiful places and green-blue beaches also offers an exquisite cuisine, which is 100% based on products of the fertile Cretan land. The Cretan cuisine has, in fact, been recognized by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of […]

The 6+1 Best Sandwiches in the World

Love at first Bite   Who agrees that food is one of the greatest rituals? Let’s see hands raised…Hmm this is a good start. Now, who agrees that there is no more pleasing a bite than that of a good […]

Pets & traveling: What you should know before the flight!

Trip-Pet…honors are even The time has come for a trip and you don’t know where to leave your pet? They look at you with their sad little eyes while you are packing your suitcase? Are you constantly thinking what they […]

What you must do if your phone gets stolen during your trip

Every year, around 19 million cell-phones* are lost or stolen, and most of them do so during trips. The reason is that travelers have their attention directed to more objects, something that makes them more susceptible. This is why you […]

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